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Workout Progress - and I have to start RUNNING again?!

I decided at the beginning of February that I have to start exercising again - like for real. I generally stay somewhat active, but I miss the feeling of having a workout routine. (Love-hate relationship stemming from my many years of competitive distance running and knowing that a day off was not an option, but still, I do miss it.) About a week in to my "working on working out again" mindset, my coworkers decided that we are going to compete in a 6 person relay - the Beach to Bay marathon relay  - or "relay marathon" as they call it.  Workouts I've tried so far: Pure Foundations #1 with Katelyn Buti Yoga with Erica Rose Bertero 30-Minute No-Equipment Barre Sculpting Workout
My Lilly Pulitzer Holy Grails!  These are some of my most favorite Lilly Pulitzer items that I'm currently searching   stalking eBay for! Maybe one day I'll find them :) I'll add some more later, and if anyone out there has any of these, please let me know!  Whit Shift in Hotty Pink Bloomers Size 4 (mayyybe a 2, but probably a 4) From Resort 2010, I think.  Nadia Dress in Turquoise Swizzle Stripe (probably a Size 4 - I've never gotten to try her on!) 

New Orleans Inspired Home Decor Finds!

I found some FAB fleur-de-lis pieces for my apartment today!! I'm usually scared to buy so many items when they're final sale, but I really think these will be perfect: (I found all of these on Joss & Main - you have to be a member to see all their cute home decor, but I have a free invite you can use: ) I think these bookends will be cute in my apartment! I paid $38.95 for the pair on Joss & Main  I got 2 of these (huge) wall plaques ($45.95 each) for my dining room:  These bookends will be great for my office ($25.95 for the pair on Joss & Main): I can't wait for everything to get here and get it all set up!!!

Hot or Not? OPI Bubble Bath

Last week, I tried out OPI's Bubble Bath nail polish for a pale pink Valentine's Day mani. It turned out WAY pale and barely noticeable after 3 coats! I'm way fair-skinned, so you might have different results!  The verdict? NOT hot. 
In Search of:  Dog-Friendly New Orleans So. There's this awesome Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans called Barkus - here  is their website. When I was at Tulane, I went and watched the parade every year.  Finally, for the first time ever, I am going to take my pup down to Nola to march in the parade. I'm WAY too excited about this.  In planning my trip, however, I have found that there aren't that many nice hotels that will let your doggy stay with you.  Many hotels don't even list their pet policy on their website, so I've called and emailed several. Posting my findings here so I don't have to do this all over again in the future & thought it might help someone else!  Dog Policies (as of 1/21/13) Hilton St. Charles Ave: Dogs Allowed. $75 fee Olivier House: only a certain number of Dogs allowed in the hotel at one time. No extra charge Hotel Monteleone: Dogs Allowed. $100 fee per stay + $25 per night pet rate Bienville: sister property of the M
@ the office 11 pm. BCS National Championship Game is over. Cheers to that. I lean SEC, but my Bama hate is pretty palpable. I enjoy that they're elephants - SO cute, but that's about it. And I did almost go to law school there. Oh, & houndstooth is basically a school color. That's as far as this love  un-hateful fest is going. (I'm a Texas fan! I can't love Bama. but I guess I can love cute elephants) Listening to Lana Del Rey, getting a Girls Season 2 vibe from this one:   pretty dumb name for a song if you asked me (that's right you didn't.)  but I still likey. I get a Shosh vibe from some of the lyrics (not so much the music - needs to be cheetah-fast and winning at kickboxing class for me to hear Shosh), a little of everybody else too #SoPumpedForSeasonTwo #MaybeThisIsWhyMyWorkIsn'tFinishedYet