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Now you can shop my style!

I will be posting shoppable links to my looks here:  Shopping, Sprinkles Style!

Workout Progress - and I have to start RUNNING again?!

I decided at the beginning of February that I have to start exercising again - like for real. I generally stay somewhat active, but I miss the feeling of having a workout routine. (Love-hate relationship stemming from my many years of competitive distance running and knowing that a day off was not an option, but still, I do miss it.) About a week in to my "working on working out again" mindset, my coworkers decided that we are going to compete in a 6 person relay - the Beach to Bay marathon relay  - or "relay marathon" as they call it.  Workouts I've tried so far: Pure Foundations #1 with Katelyn Buti Yoga with Erica Rose Bertero 30-Minute No-Equipment Barre Sculpting Workout