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Shopping, Sprinkles Style!

Shopping, Sprinkles Style!

Want to live like a feisty flamingo?! You're in luck! Here is where I will be posting all of my shoppable links! You have no idea how much it means to me when you take the time to click my links before you *add to cart*! Please let me know if a link is not working, and I will get it fixed right away! If you are ever curious about something I'm wearing that I haven't linked, just send me an instagram message!

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My Lilly Pulitzer Holy Grails! These are some of my most favorite Lilly Pulitzer items that I'm currently searching  stalking eBay for! Maybe one day I'll find them :) I'll add some more later, and if anyone out there has any of these, please let me know! 
Whit Shift in Hotty Pink Bloomers Size 4 (mayyybe a 2, but probably a 4) From Resort 2010, I think. 

Nadia Dress in Turquoise Swizzle Stripe (probably a Size 4 - I've never gotten to try her on!) 

Now you can shop my style!

I will be posting shoppable links to my looks here: Shopping, Sprinkles Style!

@ the office 11 pm. BCS National Championship Game is over. Cheers to that. I lean SEC, but my Bama hate is pretty palpable. I enjoy that they're elephants - SO cute, but that's about it. And I did almost go to law school there. Oh, & houndstooth is basically a school color. That's as far as this love un-hateful fest is going. (I'm a Texas fan! I can't love Bama. but I guess I can love cute elephants) Listening to Lana Del Rey, getting a Girls Season 2 vibe from this one:  
pretty dumb name for a song if you asked me (that's right you didn't.) but I still likey. I get a Shosh vibe from some of the lyrics (not so much the music - needs to be cheetah-fast and winning at kickboxing class for me to hear Shosh), a little of everybody else too #SoPumpedForSeasonTwo